Traveling Patiens Virtual Consulation

If you live far from Thessaloniki, your initial consultation may be done via phone, FaceTime, Skype or email. Thus you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Stamatiou and have a thorough evaluation of your concerns.

This is a very unique opportunity for a personal and educational consultation in the privacy of your home. While this does not replace a medical examination (which you will need prior to surgery), it does eliminate unnecessary travelling time, and enables you to learn more about our cosmetic surgery procedures.  Many of our international patients find the Virtual Consultation to very helpful, and it also provides us with some preliminary information about your medical history and aesthetic goals.

During the Virtual Consultation, Dr. Stamatiou will review your medical history and answer any questions you may have, and give recommendations on procedures that can be done to address your concerns.

After your Virtual Consultation, you can decide to come in for an in office consultation to confirm your decision or schedule surgery based on the phone or Skype Video consultation. We can arrange to do most of the pre-operative work ahead of time, from your home.

The day before the surgery date, you would be seen for your pre-operative medical examination, pre-operative anesthetic evaluation, pre and post-operative instructions, consent forms review, and take pre-operative photos.

Following the procedure, the length of stay required here in Thessaloniki post-operatively varies based upon the procedure being performed. We can also assist in arranging hotel accommodations for your procedure.

Contact us at +30-2310-466990 and our patient coordinator will then schedule the date and time for your Virtual consultation.

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