Botox Injections

What are the benefits of Botox?

Botox is a popular non-surgical injectable treatment that can temporarily reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles or frown lines between the brows, forehead and crow's feet, and decoltage lines. 

What will the Botox treatment entail?

The treatment with Botox consists of a few tiny injections and takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. There is no downtime after the treatment and you can resume regular activities immediately.

What can I expect as a result?

Once Botox/Dysport is injected into the skin, it blocks impulses from the nerves and facial muscles that cause expression lines. Within 7-10 days, following the injection, facial muscles will be unable to move as well and therefore tend to relax, leaving the overlying skin looking smooth and unwrinkled in appearance. Untreated facial muscles will continue to contract as normal and leave facial expressions unaffected. Dr. Stamatiou's approach to Botox/Dysport treatment is conservative, for a more natural appearance, without a "frozen" look. Although it is possible to "raise the eyebrows", in most cases Dr. Stamatiou doesn't recommend it. The result is a refreshed, rejuvenated more youthful you! The duration of the result lasts between 3-6 months.

What is Botox and is it safe?

Botox and Dysport are both a purified neuroprotein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Botulinum toxin has been used in medicine since 1980 to treat medical conditions such as strabismus, blepharospasm, and cervical dystonia. Since 2002 it has been FDA approved for cosmetic treatments, and recently for migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) When used in the amounts for cosmetic use there are no side effects, occasionally slight bruising at the site of injection. Patients that are pregnant or lactating or have a neurodegenerative or muscle disease are contraindicated.