Hypoxi Vacuum Therapy

Make your exercise worthwhile!

Increase the metabolism of fat by increasing the blood supply selectively from the "waist down" while you are exercising. As we all know, the only way to accomplish direct fat burning is moderate training, however when exercising on a conventional bike we can notice that the temperature of the "problem areas" are not increased, it is actually the upper body that is sweating and has an increase in metabolism. Performing exercise in a vacuum chamber with changing pressure causes the blood circulation to increase, the veins are relieved, and the metabolism to these target areas is boosted. The internationally recognized and patented Hypoxi method created by Dr. Egger is a unique therapy proven to combat cellulite, stubborn fat deposits and poor connective tissue. Hypoxi therapy has been consistently shown to yield amazing results after just a few sessions. The result is a smoother, sleeker you! Session time: 30min. We always combine Hypoxi Therapy with diet and nutrition advice.

Note: Results have proven that combined programs offer better results than diet or treatment alone.

Recommendation: 12-18 sessions.