Thigh Lift

What is  a Thigh lift?

Being able to wear shorts and short skirts without being self conscious about your legs can be liberating for some. Sometimes no matter how many miles you walk, laps you swim, or salads you eat, you just can't get rid of those pockets of unsightly fat on your thighs and then gravity and aging aid in the loss of shape and contour. Others who have lost significant amount of weight, may have sagging, and rippling of the skin that cannot be corrected without surgery. A thigh lift can improve the contours of your inner and/or outer thighs and can be an option for many men and women who find themselves in these situations.

Who are the Ideal Candidates?

During your consultation, Dr. Stamatiou will determine if thigh lift surgery is right for you and your cosmetic goals, but typically patients who fit into these criteria are deemed appropriate for this procedure:

  • those you have the right amount of excess skin or tissue along the inner and/or outer thigh
  • Individuals who maintain a relatively stable body weight
  • Patients who have a realistic expectation of cosmetic surgery and know what it will and will not do, along with the trade off of the incisional scar.

About the Procedure

Thigh lift is typically performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are typically placed in the inner thigh, but locations vary based on specific needs and my be adjusted to suit personal wishes or clothing preferences.A thigh lift removes the excess fat and loose skin and repositions the thigh to a higher position. This gives the patients smoother skin with less lumpiness underneath the skin and better proportioned contours of the thighs. Patients will wear a compression garment for about 2 weeks which helps reduce swelling after surgery and ensures a good result. The procedure is performed as an outpatient, therefore you go home after surgery. For out-of-town patients, we can recommend a number of hotels in close proximity to our facilities.

What is Recovery Like?

Dr. Stamatiou and our staff will explain at home recovery care in detail with full instructions. Some bruising and soreness after surgery is common, and patients may wear a compression garment along with their bandages to support the new contours of their thighs and control swelling. Although results can be visible almost immediately after surfer, it may take some time for the swelling to subside. As long as body weight and fitness are maintained the results of a thigh lift procedure are long lasting.


  • for patients with good skin tone, thigh liposuction is sufficient
  • if you have sagging skin in the hip and upper thigh area, then a No Drains Tummy Tuck may be the procedure recommended by Dr. Stamatiou
  • when fat is removed from the thighs if may be processed and reinjected elsewhere in the body, for example the buttocks for a brazilian butt lift  or in facial wrinkles.